Anal Gland Relief™ for Dogs

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Complications such as persistent diarrhea, vomiting and constipation are stressful for both pets and owners. Dietary changes, exposure to environmental stressors, a less than optimal diet, or ingestion of found substances can all contribute to gut issues in animals, leading to a reduction in your pet's health. Animals in the wild acquire beneficial probiotic bacteria from the intestinal contents of their prey. These naturally occurring probiotics, or “good” bacteria, are essential to animal health and well-being. Like humans, pets need wholesome intestinal flora to thrive and maintain a healthy digestive and immune system. A well-balanced intestinal tract can optimize an animal’s vigor at any stage of life. 

Max Immune Forte™ Ingredients:

  • del-IMMUNE V® is a natural immune modulator. An immune modulator works to turn immune response on and off as needed. This is the same ingredient formulated in del-IMMUNE V supplements for humans. 
  • Our Probiotic Formulation contains 50 mg (50 billion CFU) per dose as a blend of five strains of probiotics. These particular strains were chosen because they occur naturally in the intestinal tracts of healthy animals.
  • Colostrum, found in mammal mother’s first milk after birth, is crucial for immune defense and development in animal and human babies. First-milking colostrum has high levels of immunoglobulins and proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs).
  • The Natural Beta Glucan contains a 50% concentration of beta glucan purified cell fragments, which is seen as ideal for assimilation.
  • Whey Protein contains high levels of cysteine, an amino acid that helps boost glutathione. 

Always consult a veterinarian before starting a pet on a nutritional supplement.