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CBD Immune Plus™ for Dogs

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Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats

CBD Immune Plus™ is a nutritional supplement, in pull-apart capsule form, developed specifically to assist pet owners and veterinarians.

Formulated to help with immune support, anxiety, occasional pain & inflammation, digestion, itching, bone & muscle health. Synergies between del-IMMUNE V®& full-spectrum CBD lead to overall increased potency.

Each pull-apart capsule contains a combination of three key ingredients:

  • 10 mg Full-Spectrum CBD Powder
  • 12 mg del-IMMUNE V®
  • 300 mg Colostrum Powder

     Suggested daily dosage

    • Up to 15 pounds: 1 capsule daily
    • 15-25 pounds: 2 capsules daily
    • Over 25 pounds: 3+ capsules daily, increase dose as needed by weight


    Always consult a veterinarian before starting a pet on a nutritional supplement. 

    View the Certificate of Analysis.